Due to the current state and conditions brought on by COVID-19, Masa.Kanai has decided after careful consideration to postpone all Head Spa services until further notice. Appointments that had to be postponed will be given priority once our Head Spa is back in service. To accomodate these guests, we will not be accepting any new appointments for the month of April. If you had an upcoming appointment that was cancelled, our team will be reaching out directly to ensure you are properly rescheduled once our reopening date has been determined.

 We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your understanding. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at info@masa-kanai.com.


 At Masa.Kanai, we introduce a new revolutionary experience known as a “Head Spa.” Based on the Indian Ayuverdic Massage, Japan further developed the concept to create a new original holistic wellness process. More than just a simple head massage, a Head Spa combines hair treatment, scalp renewal, detoxing & deep cleansing, aromatherapy, and a shiatsu massage with a unique Japanese methodology to provide customers with the ultimate Zen relaxation experience.
 In essence, a Head Spa serves as a facial for your hair and scalp. As opposed to a cure for poor hair and scalp conditions, a Head Spa acts a preventive by ensuring that the head is in its best natural condition so that such issues do not occur from the start. The first of its kind in New York City.

  • 01Consultation

    Analysis of the scalp and hair with a microscopic device in order to create a personalized treatment.


    Applying a custom herbal blend to the scalp while massaging the upper body with Japanese onsen essential oils to heal and relax the body in preparation for the session.

  • 03Purifying Remedy

    Treating the scalp with a detoxing cleanser while massaging the head to clean deep into pores.

    04Steam Therapy

    Opening the pores by moisturizing and steaming; effectively removing excessive build up from chemicals and other debris.

  • 05Shampoo Spa

    A Shiatsu-style massage therapy to provide mind & body healing while cleaning the scalp and hair.


    Hydrating with an open steam mist while conditioning to penetrate deep into the hair’s structure to ensure long lasting results.

  • 07Towel Bath

    Wrapping the head to generate a warm sensation which enchances the relaxation effect.

    08Tonic Application

    Using a skin lotion suited for the particular type of scalp to brace the pores for a day long comfort.


  • concept

    • Yume Chair

       To further enhance the tranquil experience, Masa.Kanai performs every Head Spa in a secluded private room equipped with a state-of-the-art YUME DX lounge chair. Designed for long services, the Yume DX guarantees perfect comfort by simulating the natural reclining movement of the human body. It features a fully adjustable back rest and leg rest that are built with shock absorbers to achieve unparalleled smooth movements as well as an ergonomically designed head rest to reduce the pressure on the neck. The YUME DX allows for easy meditation during every treatment.

    • concept

  • Ultra Sonic Mist

     Vibrant colors, lasting curls, and stronger wave length. Every Head Spa services ultilizes a spa mist device to generate a fine mist of microscopic water particles. With finer particles compared to normal steam therapy, the ultra sonic mist can penetrate deeper into the hair shaft to gently open up the hair's cuticle layer for deeper conditioning of the hair and scalp. The moist heat also encourages blood flow circulation which reduces fatigue and migranes while promoting hair growth.

  • concept

    • Bioprogramming Technology

       New Japanese innovations. Special ceramics with bioprogramming technology are built into the devices to reset the whole hair system. Unlike conventional dryers which damage the hair with heat and electromagnetic waves, the Repronizer generates moisture using particles in the air to target the protein hydration structures in the hair and scalp. By strengthening the proteins, the hair can be revived, restored, reprogrammed, and brought back to a healthy, vibrant state - the way nature intended it to be.

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- Offered from Tuesday to Friday -

Reservations for new guests are made monthly on a first come, first serve basis. The monthly booking period will open on the 1st business day of every month. Due to high demand, month by month availability can be very limited.

50% Deposit required upon reservation. Deposits are refundable prior to 24 hours of the scheduled service in the case of cancellation.

Please be aware an extra 30 minutes are required for each appointment for the consultation and follow-up meeting. In addition, Head Spa services cannot be performed on customers with extensions, braids, or sew-ins as these obstruct access to the scalp and pores. It is also recommended to wait at least one week before and after a Head Spa before doing any chemical processes on the head, such as Hair Coloring or Keratin. Blowdrys are not included with the Head Spa and must be requested as separate services if desired. Cell Phone usage is also prohibited throughout the whole service.